PS/2 Atari Eiffel Adapter with Joystick ports kit


The PS/2 Atari Eiffel adapter allows you to connect a PS/2 keyboard and mouse and joysticks to your Atari Mega ST(E) or Atari TT on the keyboard port (RJ12).

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The PS/2 Atari Eiffel adapter comes as a DIY electronic project kit. Knowledge of electronic component soldering is required to complete this project. This project is simple, and accessible to beginners in electronics.

If you prefer the version with the components already soldered, see the Assembled Version.

The PS/2 Atari Eiffel adapter allows you to connect a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to your Atari Mega ST(E) or Atari TT on the keyboard port (RJ12).

Although compatible in theory, the PS/2 Atari Eiffel adapter cannot be connected to the Atari STF or Atari STE which have an integrated keyboard, because it uses an RJ12 port (telephone cable) which the Atari STF and STE do not have. To use a PS/2 or USB mouse on an Atari STF or STE, get an adapter to plug into the joystick port instead.

This version of the adapter includes two joystick ports (Joy0 and Joy1) in addition to being able to connect a keyboard and a mouse in PS/2 format.

However I noticed that the joystick function is not supported by all games. Doing some research it seems that there are several methods of joystick support on the Atari ST. The Eiffel adapter doesn't emulate all of these methods, so it's random. This is no longer the case thanks to firmware 1.10.1Mq which fixed this problem. All Atari Eiffel adapters sold on this site from 23-02-2024 are supplied with firmware 1.10.1Mq.

The joystick ports also do not emulate the mouse function, so you cannot plug an Atari mouse into the joystick port.

I don't recommend using a USB to PS/2 adapter to connect the mouse, as it doesn't always work. Some claim that it works, but the tests I have done have never yielded good results. Preferably use a native PS/2 keyboard and mouse, for the latter with ball or optical, both work. Also avoid wireless PS/2 keyboards and joysticks as some seem incompatible.

The supplied PIC microcontroller is already programmed, the adapter is ready to use and does not require drivers. The Atari Eiffel PS/2 adapter is a Plug-And-Play device.

To connect the adapter to your Atari, you will need a RJ12 (6P6C) straight cable (not included).

Did you know? The name Eiffel comes from the initials of the inventor of the adaptor, Laurent Favard. In French, "F.L. Project" sounds like "Eiffel Project".

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