SIO2PC - USB Adapter


Load your games and utilities on your 8-bit Atari computer from Windows, MacOS or Linux / Raspbian with a Micro-USB cable.

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The SIO2PC (a.k.a SIO2USB) adapter allows you to connect any Atari 8-bit series computer (400, 800, 600xl, 800xl, 1200xl, 65xe, 130xe) equiped with an SIO port, on a modern computer with a USB port, to emulate an Atari SIO device such as a 1050 floppy drive or a virtual printer.

With the SIO2PC – USB adapter, load floppy disk images of games and utilities from your PC, Apple Mac, or your Raspberry Pie under Windows, MacOS or Linux / Raspbian on your Atari 8-bit, using the Open Source cross-platform free software AspeQT/RespeQT. With it, you can load ATR, XFD, ATX, PRO, XEX and CAS image formats.

Plug & Play and easy to use, the SIO2PC – USB adapter is supplied ready to use, with a 3D printed case and a micro-USB port. it requires a Micro-USB cable to connect it to your computer (not included).

The SIO2PC is tested before shipping. A user manual is provided after purchase.

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