Atari 2600 SECAM RGB video mod


This Atari 2600 SECAM video mod adds a SCART socket video output to the console.

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A few years ago, Eddy Foucault invented a video mod for the Atari 2600 SECAM version, which adds a a SCART socket video output to the console.

You can find his very well documented project on his blog, which I recommend.

With his permission, I made the PCB he designed. Thank you Mr. Eddy!

Warning: This video converter works for the Atari 2600 SECAM version, but also PAL and potentially NTSC. But by using this mod on a PAL console, like the Atari 2600 junior, you will only get the 8 color SECAM palette. Indeed, the Atari 2600 SECAM can only display 8 colors, against 104 for the PAL version and 128 for the NTSC version, hence the “flashy” colors with the SECAM version. For more info see here: or here: http://

The mod is supplied with all necessary components already soldered. You’ll also need to solder wires between the mod PCB and your Atari 2600 motherboard console. This is a delicate operation, not recommended for beginners. I suggest you use thin wires, like AWG30 type (not supplied).

You will still need a cable and a SCART socket for this project (not supplied).

Download the Assembly instructions

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PCB assembly video by CabriDIY

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