A8PicoCart for Atari 8-bit computers


The A8PicoCart is a cartridge for Atari 8-bit computers, used like a USB stick, allowing you to run games and softwares directly on your Atari.

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The A8PicoCart is a cartridge for Atari 8-bit (XL/XE) computers created by Robin Edwards. It allows you to very easily launch a variety of games and software directly from your Atari:

  • Easily add your favorite games: When connected to a PC via the built-in USB-C port, the A8PicoCart behaves like a USB flash drive, allowing you to copy images of games and software in ROM, CAR, XEX and ATR format (limited to XL/XE ≥64k for the latter), up to 16 MB on the cartridge (i.e. several hundreds of games depending on their size).
  • Plug & Play: Insert the A8PicoCart into your Atari, a menu lists your files. Select the desired file using the keyboard (up/down cursor, Return) to run it.
  • Integrated Reset button: Want another game? A button on the A8PicoCart restarts the Atari and takes you back to the menu (does not work for all games).

The A8PicoCart is supplied ready to use, in a 3D printed case, and a USB-C port. it requires a USB-C cable to plug it into your PC (not included).

The A8PicoCart will be tested before shipping. A user manual is provided after purchase.

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