Atari 2600 SECAM RGB video converter PCB only

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This video converter for Atari 2600 SECAM version adds an RGB video output through a SCART socket to the console.

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The video converter for Atari 2600 SECAM comes as a DIY electronic project. Knowledge of electronic component soldering is required to complete this project. Although quite simple, this project is not recommended for beginners in electronics, because it requires delicate soldering on the electronic board of the Atari 2600 console.
If you rather have the PCB with the components already soldered, see the Assembled Version.

If you rather have the PCB and components as a DIY kit, see the DIY kit Version.

Some times ago, Eddy Foucault created a video converter for the Atari 2600 SECAM version, which adds an RGB video output with a SCART socket to the console.

You can find his very well documented project on his blog, which I recommend.

With his authorization, I had the PCB made. Thank you Mr Eddy!

Warning: This video converter works for Atari 2600 SECAM versions, but also PAL and potentially NTSC. But using this mod on a PAL console, such as the Atari 2600 Jr, you will only get a 8 color palette. Indeed, the Atari 2600 SECAM can only display 8 colors, against 104 for the PAL version and 128 for the NTSC version, hence "fluorescent" colors with the SECAM version. For more information read here: and here:

Only the PCB is provided. You will also need to solder wires between the converter and the motherboard of your Atari 2600 console. This operation is delicate and not recommended for beginners in electronics (the first Atari 2600 on which I tried it still remembers), I recommend that you use small section wire, like AWG30 (not supplied).

You will also need a SCART cable and socket for this assembly (not supplied).

Assembly instructions are provided after purchase.

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PCB assembly video by CabriDIY (French)

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